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Professional Development

The professional development of teaching staff and of those who support them has been identified as an essential element of future progress towards implementing and building capability in (e)Learning at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Within the word “(e)Learning” the “(e)” or “electronic” reference is deliberately bracketed in order to highlight that any change related to eLearning must also be inclusive of a change and re-thinking of “learning” per se. Our approach is “Learning Led and Technology Enabled” 

This professional development plan reflects the following five principles:

  • It is learner-centred in that it acknowledges that decisions about professional development at each level within a particular context are best made by those directly involved at the appropriate level
  • It is informed by, and seeks good practice, by being based on research and investigation carried out internationally as well as within Hong Kong into professional development for (e)learning
  • It promotes collaboration because it acknowledges and recognises the interconnections between and amongst the different levels and participants
  • It is innovative because it supports the generation of a breadth of possibilities and new ideas for professional development for (e)learning reflecting the emerging and immature nature of this area. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ model, but enables the different contexts to design, develop, implement and evaluate professional development activities that are best suited to meet their own needs.
  • It is affordable and sustainable because it promotes systemic and systematic professional development through an on-going and iterative process of engagement and evaluation.

The iHub supports staff in various professional development activities including:

  1. Academy wide one-off workshops (Face to Face + Blended)
  2. Analysis of Learning Analytics to inform areas of PD
  3. Establishing an Innovation Fellowship Community of Practice
  4. Offering an extended (e)learning certificate course*
  5. Various Ad hoc 1-1consultations
  6. Crafting Learning Design Templates
  7. Contextual School / Departmental based workshops (for Staff and Students)
  8. Supporting funded Projects (e.g.: iPAT)
  9. Celebration and Showcase Events

*Certificate in Introduction to Teaching for Performing Arts Educators – (e)LEARNING: Practicalities and Pedagogies


CLICK HERE Workshop for the School of Dance on Jan 16, 2019