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Schoolmates-Novel Theatre “A KIND OF ETERNITY”

Schoolmates-Novel Theatre “A KIND OF ETERNITY”


24 - 25 September 202120:00

25 - 26 September 202115:00

29 September - 02 October 202120:00

02 - 03 October 202115:00

07 - 09 October 202120:00

Venue : Academy Lyric Theatre

Duration : Approx. 135 minutes with no interval

Price Info : $638 - $288

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School / Department : Venue Performance Unit

Category : Hirer Events Language : Cantonese

Presenter : Sun Entertainment Group & Limited Co-presented

If we really have the chance to start all over again, are you sure we can make all wrongs right again?

This is a story about life, love and letting go. Pok and Yuet loved each other but unfortunately could not make it till the end. With the help of some mysterious force, Pok was able to go back in time and start all over again, but does having another chance means they can reach another ending?

Presented/ Produced by: Joyce Cheung @
Presented by: Dong Choi Chi Alex
Organized by: Chong Cho Lam Jones
Presented/ Produced by: Limited
Presented by: Sun Entertainment Group
Official Radio: CR 903

Adapted from novel ”A Kind of Eternity” *
Original: Wasabi
Director: Cece Ng @ Radix Troupe
Adapted by: Wasabi.Joyce CHEUNG.Kwok Chui Yi

Starring: YAU Hawk-Sau, Neo.Kate YEUNG
Special Starring: Michael NING.Donald TONG
Co-Starring: CHU Pak-Him **.WONG Hiu-Yee.Wasabi
Music Director / Live Musician: LAI Ying-Tung

Set Designer:WONG Yat-Kwan***
Lighting Designer:Billy CHAN
Sound Designer:FUNG Chin-Lung
Costume Designer and Styling:Cindy HO
Production Director:Bobo CHAN
Stage Manager:CHAN Chi-Nok

Art Director: Kent Fok@tn PEACOCK
Photographer: Simon C
Styling: Bryan@The Flaming
Make up Supervisor: Julie H@J Lab
Hair Supervisor: Ray Mork@AdmiX hair styling
Costume Sponsor: wagamamaplayground, MENCLAVE homme, Wood Place

* A Kind of Eternity was published by Enlighten & Fish Limited
**With the kind permission of Actors' Family
*** With kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

The performance venue may adjust the admission rules and/or seating capacity/arrangement etc as necessary for prevention of disease. Ticket holders may thus be denied admission. Please note the latest announcement for the event.