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School of Film and Television Graduation Screening 2021

School of Film and Television Graduation Screening 2021


20 July 202119:30

21 July 202119:30

24 July 202114:30

24 July 202119:00

Price Info : Free

Online registration. First-come-first-served.

School / Department : School of Film and Television

Category : Academy Events

Hosted annually, the School of Film and Television’s graduation screening presents the fruits of study of the graduating class to practitioners, potential employers and the public. Each of these short films is being jointly produced by students from the School's six majors, namely, Cinematography, Directing, Screenwriting, Editing, Sound, and Production Administration. In the year-long production process, students pool their expertise and creativity through step-by-step planning and execution, transforming their ideas into reality.


The Graduation Screening details are as follows:


Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre - 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

20.7.2021 (Tuesday) - 7:30pm (Programme 1) (FULL)

21.7.2021 (Wednesday) - 7:30pm (Programme 2) (FULL)


Bethanie Theatre, HKAPA – 139 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

24.7.2021 (Saturday) 

2:30pm (Programme 1) (FULL)

7:00pm (Programme 2) (FULL)


Post-screening sharing will be available. 


Online registration 


Programme 1 trailer


Programme 1

A Sunny Wish | 25 min | Cantonese | Trad. Chi. & Eng. sub 

Sunny’s mum wants to replace Aunt Mui with a Filipino domestic helper who can practise English with Sunny. Sunny decides to teach Aunt Mui English because he doesn’t want her to leave him, especially since she has overstayed in Hong Kong. One day, Sunny leaves school alone to prepare a surprise…
My Dearest | 24 min | Putonghua | Trad. Chi. & Eng. sub
Facing graduation, I feel confused about everything in life. I have to choose between following my heart and my dreams, or my parents’ plans. My parents have always hoped I’d get married and live happily ever after, though they went through a bitter divorce. By digging into my past and that of my family, I start to gain insights into how I will live my life.
Apriya-samyoga | 30 min | Cantonese | Trad. Chi. & Eng. sub
Welcome to a world where people store their unwanted memories in goldfish. One day, Sheung’s goldfish is stolen by an organisation’s leader, who will only exchange it for a goldish from a person Sheung loves and hates most. What will Sheung learn from this?
On My Way | 30 min | Cantonese | Trad. Chi. & Eng. sub
Ho Yin is a 24-year-old illustrator who lives alone since losing his mother. One day, his uncle offers him a delivery van so he can start a business. When he learns to drive, his meets his instructor Lok-yin, who was his mother’s playmate when they were young…

Programme 2 trailer

Programme 2

19 | 30 min | Cantonese | Trad. Chi. & Eng. sub

At nineteen, Gut believes the world is a blank sheet and imagination is his paintbrush. One day, he meets Kwong, who is visually impaired. Kwong tells Gut that there is a real world outside, but he doesn’t believe her. To find out if she is right, they set out an unexpected journey.
Adrift | 30 min | Cantonese | Trad. Chi. & Eng. sub
Ka-chun loves his mother, who makes love with him in the name of love. One day after taking a class at school, he feels that what his mother has done might be sexual assault. Ka-chun is confused and struggles with what he should do.
A Good Trip Night | 28 min | Cantonese | Trad. Chi. & Eng. sub
One night Chun B, Zain and Cheng go on an expedition to San Po Kong Industrial District to try and find a place to bury “the dead refrigerator”.
The Darkness in Mexico | 29 min | Spanish | Trad. Chi. & Eng. sub
During the pandemic, Yukko has to stop her theatrical production in Mexico. She befriends the country’s first-generation metal band, Tenebrarum, which is trying to host a reunion tour after 25 years. Yukko discovers their love and care in times when connection has a new meaning.