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Graduation Screening

Graduation Screening

22 June 2019 Category : Film & TV

Hosted annually in June, the School of Film and Television’s graduation screening presents the fruits of study of the graduating class to practitioners, potential employers and the public. Each of these short lms is being jointly produced by students from the School's six majors, namely, Cinematography, Directing, Screenwriting, Editing, Sound, and Production Administration. In the year-long production process, students pool their expertise and creativity through step-by-step planning and execution, transforming their ideas into reality.


Academy Drama Theatre      Free Admission


Tickets are released half an hour before the start of the screenings at the Academy Box Office on a first-come, first-served basis.


22. 6. 2019  2:30pm  Programme One (with Cantonese Audio Description)


Close to you                       25’31”


Dis.Appearance                   21’34”


Let the sunlight in                22’36”


Fencing distance                   23’35”


The smoke that blinds us      30'

Programme One Trailer


22. 6. 2019    7:30pm    Programme Two


Him                                      27’43”


A Killer in a Wheelchair         30’


The Grey Justice                    25’48”


Consciously Unconscious       38’48”

Programme Two Trailer