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Mr LAI, Henry 黎 家 泰

讲 师 ( 辅 助 学 科 )


黎 家 泰


Mr. Henry Lai is currently a lecturer in Complementary Studies, working on core Liberal Arts program and Academy Electives.  He is responsible for teaching Major Cultural Issues, Critical Thinking, Science in Performing Arts, Life Skills for Artists and Contemporary Economic Issues.  Mr Lai graduated with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, and worked in Silicon Valley for 10+ years managing international education programs for a multi-national company. As a consultant in Hong Kong, he developed and delivered courses for clients including Macau Telecom, Standard Chartered Bank, Baptist University, MetLife, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Social Work Department, to name but a few. Mr. Lai has travelled to over 100 countries, with articles published by Photography and Travel magazines, plus appearances on web TV programs.  


电话:2584 8636