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Academic Policy and Quality Assurance Committee

Composition and Membership 


The Chairman of the Academic Board or his/ her delegate​ Professor Geoffrey Stitt, Acting Deputy Director (Academic) and Dean of the School of Film and Television

Ex-officio Members

Dean of the School of Chinese Opera Professor Martin Lau (CO)
Dean of the School of Dance Professor Anna CY Chan (D)
Dean of the School of Drama Mr Chan Suk Yi, Acting Dean of the School of Drama
Dean of the School of Music Dr Iñaki Sandoval (M)
Dean of the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts Mr James Mcgowan, Acting Dean of the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts
Assistant Director and Registrar TBA
Assistant Director (Programme Development) Dr Ricky Ng 
Assistant Director (Digital Learning) Dr Michael Li

Staff Members

Three academic staff representatives nominated by the Schools  Professor Sheng Pei Qi
Mr Alex Lai
Dr Grace Yu

Co-opt Member

Consultant Ms Annie Ho


Senior Lecturer in Acting Mr Tony Wong


Assistant Registrar (Quality Assurance) Mr Steven Fung

Assistant  Secretary

Executive Officer (Registry) Ms Annie Wu


November 2022