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General Education is an integral component of the Bachelor's degree programmes at the Academy. It includes both Liberal Arts and Academy Elective Courses. Liberal Arts Courses are core and required courses designed to equip students with knowledge and skills to engage in academic, artistic and cultural discussions and analysis; to articulate their visions and expressions as reflective individuals and performing artists. Academy Elective Courses aim at developing students to become intellectual, articulate and reflective performing art practitioners.


To fulfil this mission, we offer 3 major programmes.  The first is a set of mandatory courses for Bachelor’s degree students.  Year 1 students will take 2 semesters of 21st Century Artists.  Year 2 students will take 2 semesters of Major Cultural Issues. The second set of programmes consists of Academy Elective courses in 5 major areas including Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Science, Portfolio Career and Discipline-based courses.  There is also a newly developed Approaching Performing Arts course for Foundation Diploma students. To learn more about these courses, please visit the Course Catalogue.  We encourage students to select their electives from as many categories as they can to seek out and cultivate their best interests.