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Academy Drama: LOVE AND INFORMATION by Caryl Churchill

Academy Drama: LOVE AND INFORMATION by Caryl Churchill


31 May - 05 June 202119:45

05 June 202114:45

Venue : Academy Studio Theatre

Price Info : $50-$95

School / Department : School of Drama

Category : Academy Events Language : Drama in Cantonese

She tells her a secret. She sees signals. Someone tells a story. She had a dream. He is trying to hide. She cannot sleep. Someone can remember everything. He is not sure if he wants to see them. Someone sneezes. Someone finds meaning.


More than a hundred characters are trying to make sense of this world.


Playwright: Caryl Churchill

Director / Translator / Movement: Billy Sy

Dramaturg : Yan Pat-to

Set Designer: Julia Koo Mei-ling

Costume Designer: Eunice Choy

Lighting Designer: Tang Ho-yin

Sound Designer: Stephanie Siu Chun-chin

Video Artist: Wing Lo

Production Manager: Hermia To Ling-fung

Cast: Kwong Sug-ying, He Yunchi, Mak Ho-tin, Yuen On-ting, Chung Yik-chun, Chan Nga-wun, Sin Lok-yan, Renee Ching, Lo Chi-kin, Suen Kwan-to, Tong Ngai-ting

Poster of Love and Information


This production contains coarse language and adult content, suitable for audience aged 12 or above