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Honorary Doctorate


2020 Honorary Doctorate



Ms Elina Leung is a devoted philanthropist and a music enthusiast who is actively involved in the development of further education in Hong Kong. Having developed a passion for music at a very young age, she believes that music is a universal language that can aid health by helping people relax and reducing stress. Ms Leung channels her passion to benefit the community by helping musicians, in particular young talents, pursue their dreams, while performing at various charitable events herself.

Ms Leung believes that exposure to music can have a positive impact on young people, even helping to refine their character. As a patroness of music, she has been involved in supporting and nurturing young musicians from Hong Kong and overseas.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ms Leung received a bachelor’s degree and an MBA degree in the United States. She returned to Hong Kong and worked for Morgan Stanley Asia Limited and BNP Private Banking. Currently, she is Chairman of the family-run AEG Investment. Besides pursuing a successful career, Ms Leung is an advocate of music and an ardent supporter of educational and cultural activities. She was a committee member of the First Hong Kong Open Music Competition (HKOMC), which provides opportunities for promising talents to perform across the globe and reach the summit of musical excellence. She is a member of the board of directors of the Global Symphony Orchestra (GSO), an NGO with the mission of promoting peace and bringing harmony and happiness to the community through music, as well as supporting local professional musicians who have graduated from Hong Kong and overseas. She is also an advisor to the Hong Kong International Music Academy (HKIMA), which aspires to provide an inclusive musical environment in which children, including those with special needs, can learn and enjoy music, as well as develop their interest in music. She also serves as a consultant to the HKIMA Junior Symphony Orchestra, helping children to enjoy the fun of music and develop an appreciation for music. As a lover of music, she has performed with an orchestra at City Hall and at various charity events.

Ms Leung is actively engaged in charity causes and philanthropy, focusing on the Catholic Church in Hong Kong. She is involved in the HK Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE)'s ambition to become a fully fledged university - Saint Francis University. Ms Leung is a stalwart in nurturing the social and moral well-being of the younger generation, as well as their academic achievements. She embodies the vision of CIHE to enable learners to excel holistically, where “Service with Love” makes a difference. She is also a powerful advocate for underprivileged students to attend tertiary institutions. As a member of the Fundraising Committee of CIHE, she helps it reach out to the “the last, the least and the lost” to empower the less fortunate with a higher education and ultimately a professional career that enhances their chances of upward mobility and hope in life.

Ms Leung’s contributions to the Academy have been most valuable and significant. Apart from dedicating her time, to mark the Academy’s 35th Anniversary in 2019, she established an endowment fund and scholarships in support of Academy students pursuing overseas and Mainland enrichment activities. This was a significant gift the Academy received in its anniversary year. The endowment fund provides sustainable and reliable support to the Academy in terms of talent development, which is essential in nurturing students to become well rounded performing artists. Ms Leung is also an organising committee member of the Academy Ball - a major charity event that aims to raise funds for scholarships for Academy students, as well as promote the cultural mission of the Academy to the community.