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Performing Arts Marathon

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts strives to promote performing arts. Every year, we improve and enrich local cultural life through organising various types of arts education outreach and community activities. Through engaging in performing arts, we believe that personal growth can be achieved and the local cultural life be enriched and enhanced.

In 2011, the first “Performing Arts Marathon @Sham Shui Po” community outreach project organised by the Performing Arts Education Centre of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts was held successfully under the auspices of Bloomberg. The project was well received among schools and community members. It was also acknowledged by the UNESCO for Research in Local Cultures and Creativity in Education as a “Star Projects/Programs(SPP)” and received the 2012 Hong Kong Development Silver Award for Arts Education (Non-School Division) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, bringing positive and meaningful influence to the arts development of community.

In 2013 and 2014, the Centre once again secured sponsorship from Bloomberg to hold the second “Performing Arts Marathon @ Sham Shui Po” community outreach project. The greatest achievement of the whole project was to provide students and the general public opportunity to appreciate performing arts through performing on a mobile theatre. The Art Mobile explored the usage of public spaces and encouraged community arts development. It also served to arise interests and for publicity purpose. It is hoped that the audience recognizes that by breaking out of traditional performance venues and literally bringing arts to the people that creativity has no boundaries. In conclusion, the project offered a special platform for arts to be part of everyone’s life and an opportunity for people within a community to cooperate creatively and artistically. The project highlights how engagement with arts is important to individuals, communities and society as a whole, and can contribute positively to broader social, creative and educational agendas.

Through years of experience, we decided to expand the project (2014/15) beyond Sham Shui Po to include Yuen Long and Tung Chung as well.

Information of 2014/15 Performing Arts Marathon

Information of 2013/14 Performing Arts Marathon @ Sham Shui Po

Information of 2011/12 Performing Arts Marathon @ Sham Shui Po