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Creative Project Fund

2022/23 Catherine SY Chan Creative Project Fund:
Call for Round 3 Application

The Academy is devoted to advocate arts inclusion and promote the building of a caring society.  We believe that education and application is the key to promote arts inclusion sustainably.  Thus, HKAPA students are encouraged to develop creative projects which aim to help the underprivileged to participate in performing arts equally.


Since its launch in 2019/20 academic year, the Creative Project Fund (CPF) has been providing funding to HKAPA students to develop creative projects which are able to fulfill the mission of “Arts for Everyone” and promote inclusiveness through the arts to build a caring society.  Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree programmes in the Academy are welcome to submit their proposals, with HK$30,000 to $60,000 granted for each selected project.   Students and faculty members have showed great interest in this valuable offering, which demonstrated their pursuit to enhance social inclusion.


We greatly appreciated JK & Ingrid Lee Foundation for supporting CPF in the past two years.  Thanks to the generous donation of Ms Catherine S Y Chan, a new round of CPF is now open for applications.  We look forward to seeing more students of the Academy create varied community activities in performing arts for promoting arts inclusion.


The 3rd Round Application Deadline for submitting proposal is 30 Dec 2022. Please view the Application Guidelines video to learn more:


Application Guidelines


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