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The Year of the Rabbit is said to be a rewarding one to those who are willing to take risks and challenge. The graduates of the Academy are often confronted with difficulties in pursuing their dreams in performing arts as well. For example, Jessey Tsang, an award-winning film director from the School of Film and Television, has challenged herself to produce the first Hong Kong VR film which was invited for screening at the recent Venice Film Festival. Meanwhile, multimedia artist Moon Yip from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts has been exploring multimedia presentations of his ideas through physical and virtual presentations, many of which were widely praised and recognised. Also, School of Dance graduate Georgina Lo, a seasoned dancer-turned-art administrator, has found her passion in supporting performing artists to share their ideas through various projects and performances with limited resources. We hope young people will be inspired by our alumni and encouraged to look out for new opportunities and directions in the future as well.

We look forward to coordinating more activities that help students to appreciate and experience the beauty of performing arts in the coming year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Jessey Tsang is a well-known director in Hong Kong. Not only were her representative works Big Blue Lake and Lady Improper widely received, but she was also awarded the Best New Director in the Hong Kong Film Awards and other film awards. The filmmaker specialised in storytelling with her lenses will share her journey in filmmaking and how her study at HKAPA has supported her pursuance in filmmaking.

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With overflowing creativity, Moon Yip transformed from a stage designer to a multimedia artist. The alumnus of the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts and a well-known stage designer from Hong Kong, will share his journey from designing the stage to producing multimedia artworks and how the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts brought such change to him.

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Georgina Lo is a well-known art administrator in Hong Kong. She has supported many artists to receive financial support for creating many exceptional performance projects. A graduate of the School of Dance, she will share her memorable times at HKAPA and her journey from being a dancer to an art administrator.

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If your students are active and persistent explorers who are looking for an exciting and challenging career in performing arts, please encourage them to apply!

Application deadlines
School of Film and Television: 9 Jan 2023
School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts: 9 Jan 2023
School of Dance: 6 Feb 2023

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